About Us

Administrative Consulting Services of Tennessee, Inc. (ACST, Inc) is a Third Party Administrator, commonly referred to as a TPA. For more than 20 years ACST, Inc has maintained an on-going closely involved relationship with its clients. ACST, Inc has built its business on the self-funded and jointly administered Taft-Hartley multi-employer union/management of employee benefit plans.

The products, services, and prices of ACST, Inc have proven perfectly geared to the wants and needs of self-funded employers, unions, employee groups and medical providers. ACST, Inc's clients generally desire unique types of cost effective plan designs that focus on addressing the needs of the employees, with more personalization and flexibility. To accomplish these goals, ACST, Inc works closely with the client on the entire benefits package allowing for its medical and dental plan designs to become uniform, while staying in compliance with ERISA guidelines, yet remaining service oriented.

As we continue to build on our more than 20 years in the TPA service industry, we are pleased to offer the following current products and services for your consideration:

  • Benefits Administration Management System, BAMS
  • HR Management
  • Medical, Dental and Disability claims administration and adjudication
  • COBRA Administration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), with unlimited trading partners

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