Privacy Policy
Please be aware that ACST Inc. collects some statistical data from Internet traffic to this Site,

The type of data collected is general in nature, i.e. number of visits to each page, duration of visit, type of browser used, etc. The purpose of this data collection is to ascertain the success or appeal of the Site content to our targeted audience and to quantify traffic for capacity planning.

No attempt is made to obtain specific information about individuals browsing this Site. ACST Inc. does not sell, lease or license any of this data to other companies.

The following Web site features do collect private information:

  • Member Enrollment
  • Acrobat Forms Submission
  • User Account Management

This information is captured in a secured environment using 128-bit encryption and Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This information is used solely for member enrollment and associated services and is not sold, licensed or leased to other companies.

The information contained in the remainder of the Site is considered public knowledge and is therefore not secured.

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